Well again it’s been a while but things are more manageable around here now that Sidney is 6 mths old – yep that’s right folks it’s been 6 months since our little princess arrived….unbelieveable I know they really do grow to fast – you know when you didn’t have kids and people used to say this to you and you were like year right whatever but it really is sooooo true.

I did promise some crafty goodness but before that it can’t be a post without pictures of Sidney – I took these yesterday when we went on a picnic with some friends.

I am so happy with these photos – they are straight out of the camera – not edited at all and I think they look pretty good but when I get a chance I’m going to edit them.

Ok now on the the crafty stuff…..

I do still scrap – I kinda fell off the wagon for a while but after last Friday night I am right back on it – I sort of lost a bit of faith in my ability cause I had not scrapped in a while but after going to a crop and just pushing all my fears aside and just scrapped and I was pretty happy with the results.

Needless to say the only thing I am scrapping now is Sidney.

After completing these layouts I have fallen in love with scrapping again and plan to do more.

I’m sure you also know that since having Sidney I have also found a new love – Sewing and after surfing around a bit I have found some amazing sewing blogs and tutorials.

So I decided this mothers day was going to be a handmade one for our mums.

I have totally fallen in love with the U Create blog and through them I then found Tea Rose Home which I am now also obsessed with.

Through the Tea Rose Home Tutorial I found two tutorials that I thought were great for mothers day.

I was able to add ruffles to this t-shirt by using this tutorial.

And for the other mother I made this jean corsage using this tutorial

To go onto this necklace

I have also been busy sewing bits and pieces for Sidney and on of my latest are these cute shoes which are reversible


Wow will it really has been toooooo long this time between posts but if there is one thing I’ve realised after having a baby is that time is precious and a few unessential things fall by the way side and unfortunately this has become one of them – it has become something that I do when I can find the time and I have finally found some time tonight.

Well we are now almost six months in – I can’t actually believe it’s been six months – it’s crazy how the time has flown and how quickly she has grown up. I honestly believe one of the best and most amazing things about being a parent  is watching this little person you created grow and lean new skills.

Our family @ 1 Month

Our family @ almost 6 months

I have been finding some time to scrap over the past 6 months but am pretty much exclusively working on Sidney’s album (it really is all I can find time and motivation for atm).

So here is her album so far.

There are lots of other things going on in my life atm – I have lauched SCATdesigns which is pretty exciting and I have my first market in May – it’s really just a way for me to earn a bit of pocket money and I’m really not sure how it’s going to go but I’m having fun and atm that’s all that counts. I’m loving sewing and I’m loving taking photos so I have my fingers crossed that it will be successful but only time will tell.

The deadline of going back to work is looming – I only have this term off then it’s back to work for me and to daycare with Sid – it’s only 3 days a week for the rest of the year so I can handle that but it’s still a bit sad to think that I have to go back.

So after having to put it off for two weeks because of wet weather I was finally able to go out and photograph a friend of mine and her little family.

She had seen some of the photos we had taken of Sid and asked me if I would take some shots of her and her hubby and bub. I jumped at the chance as I have always wanted to do some photography. I by no means claim to be a professional but am very very happy with the results.

So there you have it – a few of the photos that I have edited – there are many more but these are a few of my faves.

Thanks for letting me photograph you Deeanne, Hamish and Isobelle.

Well here I am as promised – managing to do this once a month thing seems to be easy – I don’t feel the pressure to be here all the time which is a nice feeling cause I’m doing it cause I want to not cause I feel obligated to.

I really can’t believe how quickly this month has flown – Christmas and New Year came and went soooo quickly and now were looking to start Feb.

We spent the holiday period with our family in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast – it was great to catch up with everyone and nice to introduce Sid to her family but it was so nice to get home and not have to live out of a suitcase anymore. Sidney was brilliant the whole trip and travelled really well which made things so much easier.

Sidney continues to be the best baby – she sleeps really well at night, only waking for one feed which is great, I feel human again cause I’m not so sleep deprived. I know she will probably change but I’m enjoying it while it lasts and will deal with the changes when they come. We were out for about 5hrs today and she did not cry once đŸ™‚ Just a little angel

She is growing so quickly – 5.3kg now and 59cm long – she is now reaching out and grabbing things and this action becomes more co-ordinated every day.

Every month we like to do a little photo shoot whether it be just her or with us – this month we did one on our bed and these are my favourites.

Also the other night after a bath I grabbed the camera and took a few shots of her wrapped up in a big fluffy white towel – In my opinion you just can’t beat a baby in a white towel for cuteness!!!

Ever since she has gained more control over her hands she is forever putting them in her mouth but in this photo I think she was a bit hungry as she knows straight after bath comes a bottle.

I am really excited about sewing atm – I’m really going a little crazy with it all but a friend and I have decided that we are going to have a stall at our local baby and kids market in May – she paints and I’m going to have some clothes and other baby stuff for sale that I have made. I just can’t stop thinking about all the possibilities – I keep reigning myself in and telling myself one thing at a time – finish one project then move onto the next but I’m bursting at the seams with ideas and already have some requests from people for me to make stuff for them.

I have been scrapping a little – I still need to take photos of the layouts I have done and share – but sadly I’ve kinda lost my love for it – I still enjoy it but don’t really yearn to do it to often I’m enjoying creating with material so much more atm.

I’m also really loving photography atm – most probably because I have such a sweet subject. Am really excited as one of my friends wants me to take some photos of her and her hubby and little one – now if only it would not rain on the days of our scheduled shoot – we’ve now had to reschedule twice.

As I type this entry we have a heap of rain headed our way from Townsville – fingers crossed that we don’t get to much flooding – we are fine as we are on high ground but a repeat of a few years ago would still stink.

Stay safe and well until next time

M xxx

Boy do I love being a parent – I am totally amazed how much this little person has changed our lives and how it is even possible to feel so much love for her.

It is truly indescrible and I totally had no concept of what being a parent could mean to me but now I’m there I’m loving it.

Sidney is currently a very easy baby – I say currently cause everyone says that can and most probably will change – she is very easy to please and cries very rarely. Sleep is still pretty precious but I’m averging 6-7hrs a night – broken of course but I don’t think that’s too bad.

I can’t quite believe she is now 2 months old – the time has passed so quickly but I do not miss those very early days and I am loving watching her change and become more aware and playful.

She is now smiling a lot and I caught one the other day on camera.

She throws her daddy or I one of these and our heart just melt.

I can not believe how much our lives have changed since this time last year – in Dec 2008 I was beginning to despair that I would never become pregnant 12 months on we have a beautiful baby girl who is more than we could have ever wished for.

We are so very happy with our new lives – I thought I’d miss work but I really dont and am glad I don’t need to go back to July. I have meet a wonderful group of women through an early parent course run by child health and am so grateful that they are now in my lives and make being so far away from my family that little bit easier and have provided Sidney with her first little buddies.

I am really looking forward to the end of this year – being with my family for Christmas is just priceless – and am so excited for the year ahead – watching our little girl grow and change is going to be simply amazing.

Finally let me apologise to those who check my blog on a regular basis – I have turned into a really bad blogger of late – I’m on Facebook a lot more and update there almost every day. If you want to add me my FB name is Marni Telford – I do hope to blog more in the new year – I am making it one of my resolutions and will aim to do at least one post a month.

Merry Christmas everyone and may the best of 2009 be the worst of 2010.


Just thought I’d pop in and share some more photos of Sidney

We were home alone the other day and I set up a photo shoot with her on the couch and these are some of the results.


The lovely Jodi knitted a cocoon for us and I just love it soooo much – Thanks Jodi – it makes for a really beautiful prop for photos.

Heaven Sent

Sidney’s Grandmother sent this to her as a welcome to the world present.

Things are really good – Wyatt is back at work and I am loving being a stay at home mummy!!!!

So very happy and life feels really complete with her in it.


Just thought I should let you know (if you didn’t already) that our baby girl arrived into the world safe and sound on the 22nd of October.

We named her Sidney Claire Anne and she is just perfect in every way and so worth the wait.

I’m sure I’ve mentioned it before but being pregnant has pretty much sucked all the creativity out of me but I have managed a few layouts for the beginning of our babies album and I thought I should share them before his or her impending arrival – only 11 days to go – not that I at all expect to go on time – hoping for before LOL.

What will you be? Pink or Blue? – The obligatory layout about what sex this bub is as we chose not to find out – I began thinking it was a boy but now I think it’s a girl – I guess only time will tell.

Adore Being Pregnant – I truly have had the most wonderful and easy pregnancy and really can’t complain about anything except for the fact that I’m now a bit over it but they tell me everyone feels like this at the end.

Hey there baby – This was one of my last layouts for Buzz and Bloom – no real reason for this one other than I wanted to scrap a layout of a scan picture.

Maternity Photoshoot – This one was taken by my hubby – I know I look really serious but I kinda like it.

Pregnancy wise I am now 38wks and 2 days and feel every minute of it – really ready to meet our little one but trying not to fixate on it too much as I know sometime in the next 3wks we will have a little baby in our arms.

On Sunday when Wyatt got home from work we got changed and headed out to take some photos of us before this baby arrives in our world….here are the few we took that I have edited…..there are more to come but I have not played with them yet.

It’s amazing what you can do with a tripod and a remote – I love these pictures sooo much. It’s funny you know, I don’t realise how big my belly actually is until I see it in photos.

Have decided to dive in head first and get my scrap on tonight…..since being pregnant I have not really scrapped a lot but tonight I’m hoping to push through my block and do a layout.

I am back with an update – it may very well be a long one but I do promise lots of pictures!!!!

I do apologise for not being around that much, but I have so been enjoying this pregnancy and weekends have been full of nothing much but lazing around and catching up on some much needed rest.

I am today exactly 33wks pregnant – only 7 more to go – bub is moving up a storm inside and it is such an amazing feeling to know that it is growing well.

I had another scan on Thursday last week. It was done as at my 20wk scan my pesky placenta – as I know call it – was low. It was a great opportunity to see bub again. He/she is sooo cute. looks so much like a little person and is perfect size for gestation.  Sadly though my pesky placenta is still not cooperating and is still sitting a incy weency bit low – 5mm to be exact – we don’t really have all the facts yet but should know more tomorrow as we have a specialist ob oppointment – so watch this space for another update.

Baby Photos – 32wk scan

That is bub’s foot over it’s nose!!! This made me laugh…he/she must be so squished in there.

Cute little side profile – love the nose and lips – can’t wait to see them IRL!!!

Front view – how beautiful is that chin!!!

Getting Crafty

We visited some local markets a few weeks ago and one stall had these really cute outfits for toddlers so I was inspired to have a go at replicating something similar for our little one.

I just bought some little Bonds onsies from Big W and used some left over material from decorating the nursery and I’m really happy with how they turned out.


I have been wanting to share our nursery with you for a while but I have been to lazy to be bothered to take any good pics – but finally yesterday I did so here it is in all it’s glory.

Overall View – taken from the door way

My favourite corner –  I re-purposed an old clothes basket we had and covered it in Barnslig fabric from Ikea – it’s probably my favourite thing in the room.

Close up of chair – it is so comfortable!!! The beautiful blanket was hand made by one of my students mothers, the picked the colours without even knowing what our colours were – how perfect is it!!!

Wall storage

Sleeping Corner – we bought the cot second hand and Wyatt covered some panels in fabric and inserted them into the ends of the cot.

Wall Display Thingie – Made by my very talented husband for somewhere to keep little bits and bobs

Toy Box – Again made by my talented husband – I made the cushion for the top – once bub is born and named we are going to put his/her name on the front of the box.

Wardrobe Doors – We painted one of the doors with chalk board paint so that when bub gets older it can draw all over it and for now we can write notes up there as well.

Flag Garland – made by me

Two of my favourite things –

  • hand made booties – I picked these up at the Eumundi markets on a visit to mum and dads. Bub will probably never wear them as it’s to hot here but I just could not resist how cute they were.

  • Hand knitted gnome – my mum has one of these sitting in here kitchen and I admired it when I visited one time so she asked the lady who made it for her to make one for us in our nursery colours….I love it!!!

Our whole nursery scheme/theme is based around the Ikea Barnslig range – we wanted to keep it pretty neutral as we don’t know what we are having and we also wanted it to be a room that would grow with a baby into it’s toddler years. All of the furniture except that which was made we bought from Ikea. We have so loved decorating it and I have loved making and painting bits and pieces to go here and there as well to give it that personal touch.

At the moment this is by far my favourite room in the house!!!!

Well that’s it for today, I’ve wasted enough time on the computer…it’s such a beautiful day here I’m off outside to enjoy it.

All About Me!

My name is Marni Telford and I live in Australia, Mackay on the Central Queensland Coast. I am a mummy to a beautiful baby girl named Sidney who was born in October 2009 and wife to the most wonderful man ever. I have many passions including scrapbooking, sewing and photography - I simply love being creative.

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