Well here I am as promised – managing to do this once a month thing seems to be easy – I don’t feel the pressure to be here all the time which is a nice feeling cause I’m doing it cause I want to not cause I feel obligated to.

I really can’t believe how quickly this month has flown – Christmas and New Year came and went soooo quickly and now were looking to start Feb.

We spent the holiday period with our family in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast – it was great to catch up with everyone and nice to introduce Sid to her family but it was so nice to get home and not have to live out of a suitcase anymore. Sidney was brilliant the whole trip and travelled really well which made things so much easier.

Sidney continues to be the best baby – she sleeps really well at night, only waking for one feed which is great, I feel human again cause I’m not so sleep deprived. I know she will probably change but I’m enjoying it while it lasts and will deal with the changes when they come. We were out for about 5hrs today and she did not cry once 🙂 Just a little angel

She is growing so quickly – 5.3kg now and 59cm long – she is now reaching out and grabbing things and this action becomes more co-ordinated every day.

Every month we like to do a little photo shoot whether it be just her or with us – this month we did one on our bed and these are my favourites.

Also the other night after a bath I grabbed the camera and took a few shots of her wrapped up in a big fluffy white towel – In my opinion you just can’t beat a baby in a white towel for cuteness!!!

Ever since she has gained more control over her hands she is forever putting them in her mouth but in this photo I think she was a bit hungry as she knows straight after bath comes a bottle.

I am really excited about sewing atm – I’m really going a little crazy with it all but a friend and I have decided that we are going to have a stall at our local baby and kids market in May – she paints and I’m going to have some clothes and other baby stuff for sale that I have made. I just can’t stop thinking about all the possibilities – I keep reigning myself in and telling myself one thing at a time – finish one project then move onto the next but I’m bursting at the seams with ideas and already have some requests from people for me to make stuff for them.

I have been scrapping a little – I still need to take photos of the layouts I have done and share – but sadly I’ve kinda lost my love for it – I still enjoy it but don’t really yearn to do it to often I’m enjoying creating with material so much more atm.

I’m also really loving photography atm – most probably because I have such a sweet subject. Am really excited as one of my friends wants me to take some photos of her and her hubby and little one – now if only it would not rain on the days of our scheduled shoot – we’ve now had to reschedule twice.

As I type this entry we have a heap of rain headed our way from Townsville – fingers crossed that we don’t get to much flooding – we are fine as we are on high ground but a repeat of a few years ago would still stink.

Stay safe and well until next time

M xxx