Well again it’s been a while but things are more manageable around here now that Sidney is 6 mths old – yep that’s right folks it’s been 6 months since our little princess arrived….unbelieveable I know they really do grow to fast – you know when you didn’t have kids and people used to say this to you and you were like year right whatever but it really is sooooo true.

I did promise some crafty goodness but before that it can’t be a post without pictures of Sidney – I took these yesterday when we went on a picnic with some friends.

I am so happy with these photos – they are straight out of the camera – not edited at all and I think they look pretty good but when I get a chance I’m going to edit them.

Ok now on the the crafty stuff…..

I do still scrap – I kinda fell off the wagon for a while but after last Friday night I am right back on it – I sort of lost a bit of faith in my ability cause I had not scrapped in a while but after going to a crop and just pushing all my fears aside and just scrapped and I was pretty happy with the results.

Needless to say the only thing I am scrapping now is Sidney.

After completing these layouts I have fallen in love with scrapping again and plan to do more.

I’m sure you also know that since having Sidney I have also found a new love – Sewing and after surfing around a bit I have found some amazing sewing blogs and tutorials.

So I decided this mothers day was going to be a handmade one for our mums.

I have totally fallen in love with the U Create blog and through them I then found Tea Rose Home which I am now also obsessed with.

Through the Tea Rose Home Tutorial I found two tutorials that I thought were great for mothers day.

I was able to add ruffles to this t-shirt by using this tutorial.

And for the other mother I made this jean corsage using this tutorial

To go onto this necklace

I have also been busy sewing bits and pieces for Sidney and on of my latest are these cute shoes which are reversible