Boy do I love being a parent – I am totally amazed how much this little person has changed our lives and how it is even possible to feel so much love for her.

It is truly indescrible and I totally had no concept of what being a parent could mean to me but now I’m there I’m loving it.

Sidney is currently a very easy baby – I say currently cause everyone says that can and most probably will change – she is very easy to please and cries very rarely. Sleep is still pretty precious but I’m averging 6-7hrs a night – broken of course but I don’t think that’s too bad.

I can’t quite believe she is now 2 months old – the time has passed so quickly but I do not miss those very early days and I am loving watching her change and become more aware and playful.

She is now smiling a lot and I caught one the other day on camera.

She throws her daddy or I one of these and our heart just melt.

I can not believe how much our lives have changed since this time last year – in Dec 2008 I was beginning to despair that I would never become pregnant 12 months on we have a beautiful baby girl who is more than we could have ever wished for.

We are so very happy with our new lives – I thought I’d miss work but I really dont and am glad I don’t need to go back to July. I have meet a wonderful group of women through an early parent course run by child health and am so grateful that they are now in my lives and make being so far away from my family that little bit easier and have provided Sidney with her first little buddies.

I am really looking forward to the end of this year – being with my family for Christmas is just priceless – and am so excited for the year ahead – watching our little girl grow and change is going to be simply amazing.

Finally let me apologise to those who check my blog on a regular basis – I have turned into a really bad blogger of late – I’m on Facebook a lot more and update there almost every day. If you want to add me my FB name is Marni Telford – I do hope to blog more in the new year – I am making it one of my resolutions and will aim to do at least one post a month.

Merry Christmas everyone and may the best of 2009 be the worst of 2010.