Yep that’s me. I truly do suck a blogging lately.

If you still pop back and check in from time to time 4 and update I apologise but life just gets in the way sometimes.

I promise I’ll update this coming weekend.


I am currently organsing a fund raising crop for the Queensland Cancer Council for the Mackay and surrounding area. Details are as follows:

Time: 9:30-3:00

Date: 2nd August 2009

Place: Mackay PCYC

Entry: $15 + small scrapbooking product donation (entry includes lunch & lucky door prize ticket)

  • Cent Auction
  • Mega Raffle
  • Lucky Door Prize
  • Games & Fun, Fun, Fun

Prizes Donated By:

  • Kaiser Craft
  • Scrapbooking Memories
  • Magical Memories
  • Scrapbooking Premier
  • Kiti Q
  • Buzz & Bloom
  • Blue Bazaar
  • & many more

Bookings Are Essential
Phone: 0415513347

Things have been hectic lately….with report cards and the end of term I really have not the time or inclination to do anything at all other than work, eat and sleep….but all that is behind me now as today is the first day of my winter break!!!

I have in all the craziness been able to find a little time to scrap most for other stuff but here is one that I have done just for me.

The photo was taken at my big brothers wedding in May. It’s a little pretty and and soft for me but I do really like it and sometimes it’s good to try something new and different.

We (DH&I)  have been having a great time preparing for the arrival of this bub…only 16wks to go…I can’t quite believe that the time has gone so quickly. We only have the cot to pick up and set up then I will take photos and share with you.

Everything is going great with the pregnancy….I’ve been so lucky so far…no complications at all….My back has begun to ache a lot but I am led to believe that, that is normal and my strategy for that at the moment is not to do very much as it’s the only time it does not hurt. Bub is really active now and forever moving about, it is such an unreal feeling, don’t think I will ever tire of it. Belly is still quite small considering but I’m not complaining and everyone assures me it will grow and grow.  I only have another 10 wks of work left…can’t quite believe that either but really excited to start this new chapter in our lives.  I have started pregnancy yoga, I had my first class yesterday and it was great. I can’t make it to her normal classes so I have to have private ones but it was really lovely and now I am going to try and do it at home each morning.

Other than that not much to report I’m afraid other than the Crop4ACure I am madly organising and stressing about (will do a seprate post about it in a few minutes).

We are off on a road trip tomorrow arvo (I love road trips) but will be back next week as I have a midwife appointment.

For everyone living in and around the Mackay area next weekend on Saturday the 27th of June Scrapbooking Premiere is having its store front grand opening.

I can attest to the fact that this store has an amazing array of product and you would be hard pressed to find something that you don’t like in their range.

The details of the day are as follows:

Saturday 27th June, 2009

9am to 4pm 2 Lando Ave, Sarina

Free Giveaways and prizes 15% discount Store Wide (excluding kits)

Tips and Techniques by Michelle Grant

Drop in & have a look or join us for a Free Crop (including lunch)

Phone Sandra for bookings 49432280

I’ll hopefully be there sometime during the day so I hope to see you there too!

We had our first glimpse of our baby today. It was the most unreal experience, so amazing to see this little one on the screen.

Face (this one is a little freaky)


Hand (waving hello to mummy and daddy)

and I saved the best till last –


Everything with the baby is fine as far as we know….we have a midwife appointment next week so should no more then but the technician said lots of “excellents” and “beautifuls” so I’ll take that as a good sign…only problem is my placenta is lying over my cervix so I am currently thinking positive thoughts regarding it moving in the next 12 wks before I need to have another scan to check it out.

Let me start by saying sorry that it has taken me so long to update…I know I promised to do it within 12hrs but as the title of this post says….better late than never huh?

Lot’s has been happening, not all of it wonderful so let me fill you in.

Life in General

(This is going to be loooooong)

  • Heard bub’s heartbeat for the first time last Thursday, it was the most amazing experience ever. The midwife said it was really strong and I could not get over how fast it was….I knew something was in there but it feels so much more real now. Have my first ultrasound in 4 wks so really excited about that.
  • I have done something to my knee – in between doctor appointments and a visit to the hospital today I have been laid up on the couch trying to stay off it – It all started on Monday but gradually got worse and then on Tuesday morning I could not walk so took the day off work to go to the doctor who gave me the rest of the week off work, sent me for an ultrasound on my knee and yesterday drained some fluid which has given me some relief. What I have done to cause my knee to swell is a mystery to me but it’s not looking real good…I have to have an MRI in 3 wks (as at this time it will be safe for bub) then a visit back to the hospital – but the reality of it all is if I have torn some cartilage which the doctors at the hospital think I have then nothing can be done till after bub is born cause I will need knee surgery….Me I’m just hoping it was just one of those things and it will fix itself and I will not have problems over the next 5 months, but the doctors are concerned that as I put on more weight it’s going to get worse…..guess time will tell.
  • Harley (our one surviving dog) – had surgery last Monday to remove some lumps that were under her skin – one was sent away for analysis and came back that it was cancerous – when I heard that horrible c word again my heart was ripped in two – but luckly it was only a lump and the vet said he got good margins on it so he’s not concerned but we just have to keep an eye on her and take her back if we are worried about any other lumps that may appear.
  • Our hearts are slowly healing regarding the loss of Chopper – he is home with us now – his ashes that is – and there is a sense of peace having him at home…strange I know but it just feels right.
  • I caved and joined Twitter and I love it! My very clever DH put an app on my phone so I can check it from there…sooo cool. You can find me at


  • Have found since being pregnant I have not really felt like being creative – I get urges every now and then but they don’t last very long so needless to say I have not really been doing that much creating of late other than my deadlines.
  • Buzz and Bloom

  • Kiti QI’m thrilled to announce that I have accepted a position on the Kiti Q team….recieved my first DT pack the other day and boy is it yummy…I got a heap of the new Sass stuff to play with and I am in heaven!

I hereby promise to update within the next 12hrs!

Is going to be really difficult.

He passed away fairly suddenly last night. He had a rapidly growing tumour in his tummy that we had no idea about and gave up his fight last night.

There is much sadness in our house today.

I am very excited to announce that my DH and I are expecting a baby!!!!!

I have know since I was 4wks so its been a long wait to tell everyone but I hit 12wks today and even though I know things can still go wrong I feel I can share now.

Bub is due in October….Health wise I have been fairly well, sick every morning but after that I’m ok. In the beginning I was tired beyond belief but it seems to have settled some…my boobs are huge!!! LOL and I’m hungry all the time!!!

I have not had any scans yet as I could pin point my last period and chose not to have Nuchal Translucency scan done so as long as everything stays normal not having one till I’m 18wks. Have booked into local birth centre…very excited about that and my first appointment is in 3 wks so the count down is on till I get to hear bubs heart beat….I am a little anxious…what if there is none but I think my fears are normal and I’m sure it will all be fine.

Anyway just wanted to share….will keep you updated.

Not much happening that’s worth reporting atm but here are a few LO’s I have completed over the last month.

Wicked Princess – March Enchantress Kit

Have to go and do two basket loads of ironing now….Yuck!!! (that’ll teach me for not doing some last week)

All About Me!

My name is Marni Telford and I live in Australia, Mackay on the Central Queensland Coast. I am a mummy to a beautiful baby girl named Sidney who was born in October 2009 and wife to the most wonderful man ever. I have many passions including scrapbooking, sewing and photography - I simply love being creative.

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