Things have been hectic lately….with report cards and the end of term I really have not the time or inclination to do anything at all other than work, eat and sleep….but all that is behind me now as today is the first day of my winter break!!!

I have in all the craziness been able to find a little time to scrap most for other stuff but here is one that I have done just for me.

The photo was taken at my big brothers wedding in May. It’s a little pretty and and soft for me but I do really like it and sometimes it’s good to try something new and different.

We (DH&I)  have been having a great time preparing for the arrival of this bub…only 16wks to go…I can’t quite believe that the time has gone so quickly. We only have the cot to pick up and set up then I will take photos and share with you.

Everything is going great with the pregnancy….I’ve been so lucky so far…no complications at all….My back has begun to ache a lot but I am led to believe that, that is normal and my strategy for that at the moment is not to do very much as it’s the only time it does not hurt. Bub is really active now and forever moving about, it is such an unreal feeling, don’t think I will ever tire of it. Belly is still quite small considering but I’m not complaining and everyone assures me it will grow and grow.  I only have another 10 wks of work left…can’t quite believe that either but really excited to start this new chapter in our lives.  I have started pregnancy yoga, I had my first class yesterday and it was great. I can’t make it to her normal classes so I have to have private ones but it was really lovely and now I am going to try and do it at home each morning.

Other than that not much to report I’m afraid other than the Crop4ACure I am madly organising and stressing about (will do a seprate post about it in a few minutes).

We are off on a road trip tomorrow arvo (I love road trips) but will be back next week as I have a midwife appointment.