Let me start by saying sorry that it has taken me so long to update…I know I promised to do it within 12hrs but as the title of this post says….better late than never huh?

Lot’s has been happening, not all of it wonderful so let me fill you in.

Life in General

(This is going to be loooooong)

  • Heard bub’s heartbeat for the first time last Thursday, it was the most amazing experience ever. The midwife said it was really strong and I could not get over how fast it was….I knew something was in there but it feels so much more real now. Have my first ultrasound in 4 wks so really excited about that.
  • I have done something to my knee – in between doctor appointments and a visit to the hospital today I have been laid up on the couch trying to stay off it – It all started on Monday but gradually got worse and then on Tuesday morning I could not walk so took the day off work to go to the doctor who gave me the rest of the week off work, sent me for an ultrasound on my knee and yesterday drained some fluid which has given me some relief. What I have done to cause my knee to swell is a mystery to me but it’s not looking real good…I have to have an MRI in 3 wks (as at this time it will be safe for bub) then a visit back to the hospital – but the reality of it all is if I have torn some cartilage which the doctors at the hospital think I have then nothing can be done till after bub is born cause I will need knee surgery….Me I’m just hoping it was just one of those things and it will fix itself and I will not have problems over the next 5 months, but the doctors are concerned that as I put on more weight it’s going to get worse…..guess time will tell.
  • Harley (our one surviving dog) – had surgery last Monday to remove some lumps that were under her skin – one was sent away for analysis and came back that it was cancerous – when I heard that horrible c word again my heart was ripped in two – but luckly it was only a lump and the vet said he got good margins on it so he’s not concerned but we just have to keep an eye on her and take her back if we are worried about any other lumps that may appear.
  • Our hearts are slowly healing regarding the loss of Chopper – he is home with us now – his ashes that is – and there is a sense of peace having him at home…strange I know but it just feels right.
  • I caved and joined Twitter and I love it! My very clever DH put an app on my phone so I can check it from there…sooo cool. You can find me at http://twitter.com/MarniTelford


  • Have found since being pregnant I have not really felt like being creative – I get urges every now and then but they don’t last very long so needless to say I have not really been doing that much creating of late other than my deadlines.
  • Buzz and Bloom

  • Kiti QI’m thrilled to announce that I have accepted a position on the Kiti Q team….recieved my first DT pack the other day and boy is it yummy…I got a heap of the new Sass stuff to play with and I am in heaven!