I am very excited to announce that my DH and I are expecting a baby!!!!!

I have know since I was 4wks so its been a long wait to tell everyone but I hit 12wks today and even though I know things can still go wrong I feel I can share now.

Bub is due in October….Health wise I have been fairly well, sick every morning but after that I’m ok. In the beginning I was tired beyond belief but it seems to have settled some…my boobs are huge!!! LOL and I’m hungry all the time!!!

I have not had any scans yet as I could pin point my last period and chose not to have Nuchal Translucency scan done so as long as everything stays normal not having one till I’m 18wks. Have booked into local birth centre…very excited about that and my first appointment is in 3 wks so the count down is on till I get to hear bubs heart beat….I am a little anxious…what if there is none but I think my fears are normal and I’m sure it will all be fine.

Anyway just wanted to share….will keep you updated.