I’m not sure why but I’m excited about Valentines day this year….we probably won’t do anything special just exchange cards but I do love my man sooooo much!!!

As I am so excited about love month I signed up to do an online class with SISTv…I could not resist it just looks so yummy!

Not much happening here at the moment…went back to work last week and let me say that this year is going to be a major learning curve for me which is great cause I get bored very easily when I have to do the same thing all the time. I am determined not to stress and be calm and my mantra’s going to be “one day at a time” and “tomorrow is a new day”.

I was determined to have a bit of a scrap fest this weekend as I don’t get much time during the week when I’m working so I started my Cairns mini book….here is a peek…sorry about the horrible photo but the light is not great here atm due to torrential rain.

I have put it away for a while as I really felt the need to do a LO so I have a work in progress atm.

It’s raining a lot here atm….it’s great to have rain but when it rains so consistently as it has in the past two days and with a cyclone off the coast up North a bit I’m sure there is more to come which brings up the worry that we are going to flood again….My fingers are crossed that it does not happen again this year.

I better be off, have done nothing of much substance today so I better get washing in and put away then iron.