Ok so I have been MIA for quite a while now…I have posted I know but nothing of real substance in quite some time, the reason for this is I have been on holidays and with family flying in and out and our trip to Cairns the holidays have just flown by with not alot of time to do my normal everyday stuff….But alas, I am back in the working world again as we had our pupil free days on Thursday and Friday last week so I have been working my butt off preparing for what should be a very interesting year.

We had and amazing time in Cairns so I wanted to share some of it with you…Be warned that this is going to be a mammoth post but I promise not a lot of words but lots of photos.

We left on Sunday the 11th when tropical cyclone Charlotte had turned into a huge low depression and was bringing lots of rain. We drove through to Ingham and stayed at the Ingham motel and got a room upgrade so were pretty stoked about that and then we went and explored the town a little and headed out to the cemetery….weird I know but Ingham has a lot of history and the cemetery has these amazing mausoleums and I remembered my parents taking me here as a child when we went on a trip and it is truly a magical place, certainly not a place that feels like it is filled with death it feels more like a celebration of life.

We walked around for about 1/2 an hour and then it started to rain so we went off to find some food and went back to the motel to eat. When we awoke in the morning it had not stopped raining and we were starting to worry a little about what kind of holiday we were actually going to have.

The sky was pretty grey and it rained most of the way up the coast. We went into Mission Beach to see a friend who had moved there and by the time we got there it was pouring and I started to panic as I was not sure we would be able to get out so we stopped for about 20mins and set off again. To get back on the highway from here we drove though flood waters and if we had been about 30mins later we would never have gotten through to Cairns.

But alas we timed everything perfectly and arrived at Ellis Beach where we were staying

This was our little bungalow. The rain looks like it had set in but it was just drizzling in the afternoon but it poured that night. We went into town and had dinner and a walk around the night markets which turned out to be a glorified huge souvenir shop.

I tell you about this time we were worried about the weather. All the news reports were saying it was going to keep raining and we had already had to push a tour back until Saturday as the train was not running to Kuranda on Tuesday and it was something we really wanted to do so we pushed it back in the hope that everything would be good by Saturday. We went to bed hopeful that we would not be rained in the whole time and woke up to this on Tuesday morning.

As it looked like it was going to be a beautiful day we decided to drive up to Port Douglas – which was about 1/2hr drive. We had both never been this far north before and were amazed at how beautiful the Capitan Cook Highway was. It was a beautiful road to drive on and the scenery was spectacular.

When we arrived in Port Douglas we headed straight for the beach and were surprised to find there really was not that much of it…most of the people were sunbathing on the grass.

From the beach we went up to the main street to explore the shops. I bought a cute hat and then we went into this amazing shop.

We could have spent $100’s in here and we ended up buying a light to hang in our out door area. It is made from the coconut plant and is now hanging above our outdoor table and looks amazing.

We ate lunch and went up to a look out and took this photo (I am wearing my new hat)

We went back to our bungalow, had a drink and some nuts then we decided to go shopping and we bought some volleys…I have wanted a pair for ages and Wyatt bought a pair to. When we got back to the bungalow I cooked dinner and Wyatt took this amazing photo of the sunset from our balcony.

On Wednesday we went on a tour. This was our bus.

We visited the Daintree Rainforest

and while we were here we climbed this very very high observation tower.

We went from here to Cape Tribulation.

Where we saw this not so little creature.

While taking some photos of him/her Wyatt had an up close and personal with a very large spider and I ran away like a little girl screaming LOL.

We had lunch on a private piece of land that was in my opinion more beautiful than anything we had seen all day. We got to eat lunch here.

After lunch we went on a river cruise to see if we could see a crocodile. We saw one, the guide called her Elizabeth.

It was cool to see but I’m still not totally convinced she was real, we were there for quite some time and we did not see her move at all.

After the cruise we went to Mossman Gorge. We only had a short time here and I wish we could have found some time to go back to go swimming. It was so beautiful!

Needless to say it was a huge day and we were both totally exhausted by the end of it!

On Thursday we went out on the reef.

It was a really beautiful day or snorkelling!

Again this was another huge day and by the end of it we were totally exhausted.

Friday was a free day for us and we decided to go up into the tablelands and check out some of the wineries. They make the wine up there from tropical fruit so it was really different from anything we had tried before.

Golden Pride Wineries was by far our favourite….I’m not really all that sure why as it was the most unlike a winery of all of them but had a really cool feel about it. The majority of their products are Mango based as they are predominately a mango farm and on the day we were there people were working in the factory packing mangoes. The winery was established as a way of using the mangoes that could not be shipped because they were damaged in one way or another. They make the most delicious bubbly I have ever tasted so needless to say we bought two bottles.

While out in the tablelands we also went to The Coffee Works where Wyatt had unlimited taste tests of their coffee range.

As I don’t drink coffee my favourite part was this

Unlimited Chocolate tasting!!!!!

On Saturday it was our 5yr wedding anniversary and  we headed up to Kuranda on the train.

It was the most spectacular journey. If you have not done this and get the chance to go to Cairns it is a must do…simply amazing!

Barron Falls was in full flood mode and the power behind that water is unbelievable.

When we arrived at Kuranda

We headed straight to the Butterfly House

This was the most magical place. The Ulysses  is my favourite Australian butterfly and we had seen a few in the wild but had not had a chance to photograph one so this was really cool.

From here we went to Bird World.

Where this little guy would not leave us alone…we had a bag of food you see and he surely knew what it meant and wanted it all!!!

We spent the rest of the day walking around. I was a little disappointed in Kuranda itself, it is full of souvenir shops. I thought it would be a bit more like the Eumundi markets. We had the most horrible lunch here as well so that was a bit of a spoiler.

We caught the Skyrail home

It was a little scary being so far up in this little gondola but it was a great experience especially as we travelled up over the last mountain and caught the views of Cairns on the other side.

And that was pretty much the end of our trip. We spent Sunday just relaxing and preparing to head home on Monday morning.

It really was a fabulous trip and I want to go back again as there was so much we did not get to do.

I am currenlty working on a little mini book about our trip and promise to share it when I am done.