As it’s so close to Christmas now…only one more sleep…and I’ve been preparing all morning I thought I’d share some of our Christmas stuff here.

Our Tree : We bought all new decorations this year and purged all the cheap ones we had bought when we first got this tree over 7 years ago…most of the new decorations came from Ikea and a few were ones I saved from our old stash….love this colour scheme for a tree….this is the first year we have had a colour scheme normally it’s a mish mash, I do love a mish mash but I love the colour scheme equally as much.

Lights Off:

Lights On:


Garland: Wyatt really loved this in the Better Homes and Gardens mag for December so I decided to make it….it was really really easy and looks great hanging from our floating dvd cabinet.

Advent Calendar & Candle Holder: I was given the candle holder as a secret santa present this year and I am totally in love with it. I was inspired by Ali Edwards advent calendar and decided to make my own version of it out of little boxes from Spotlight, left over chipboard numbers and a pin board.

Angels: I have a little collection of angels that have all been given to me by past students as Christmas presents at the end of the year…I love them.

My Favourite Christmas Carol:

I do hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and enjoys the time with thier family….Wyatt and I are having an early breakfast together then he is off to bed (on night shift) and I am off to our “old” street to have Christmas with my neighbours.