We decided to go on a drive today up to one of my favourite spots in the entire world Cape Hillsborough…I know that’s a really big claim but it truly is a magical place….let me explain..

The sand shimmers like fairy dust!

You see there is Mica in the sand so it sparkles…the first time we visited it truly took my breath away…I know I’m a little kid but wow it’s just sooo cool!

There are sand dollars galore! and they have always intrigued me.

Amazing views and photo opportunities

(this was taken by DH)

and this is my total favourite of the day and was taken by me who really does not enjoy landscape photography and I’m totally in love with it!

The best part about this place is that it’s so darn beautiful and there were literally 20 people on the beach with us and at one point we walked up to a stretch where no one at all was.

We walked, we talked, we held hands, we took photos, we climbed, we had a little picnic, we spent time together! It was magical!