Stuff Part 1

I did some work for Acacia Paper Craft ages ago and just got it all back so I thought I’d share it here since I had not already done so.

A few LO’s I did for them with some really groovy paper and stickers that I can’t remember the name of.

And some cute little cards using the same paper/sticker range

And lastly a little tin I decorated for some sweet treats (this is now on my desk at school but it’s empty atm)

Stuff Part 2

Andi is doing amazingly well. I popped into the hospital last weekend while I was down in Brisvegas for a hens night/girlie weekend and I was totally shocked when I walked into the room and saw her….she had no tubes in her nose and no beanie on so I got to have a good look at her and she just looks like a normal new born…a small one but a completely different little baby to the one we saw 2 weeks ago. I also got an update from SIL today and she has had her C-PAP out since Tueday night…they tried to put her back on it last night but she was having none of it and pulled it out and cried….this is one little girl who knows what she wants!!!

Stuff Part 3

Not much scrapping being done as of late…just so tied up with work and when I get home it’s dinner and then some tv and bed…hopefully that will all change tomorrow night…off to a crop at LSS so I should at least get something done….I also got a parcel full of goodies from Scrapwear today to play with for them so that should be a motivatior as well.