Thanks to everyone who has been asking about sweet baby Andi….I thought I’d do an update for you all.

We popped down to Brisbane over the weekend just past. DH had not met her yet and I was dying to see her again so we hopped into the car @ 4:30pm on Friday and reached Brisbane at 4am the next morning.

Andi is doing OK…I mean it’s a roller coaster ride for everyone involved especially SIL & BIL but she is doing alright…a few hiccups but all in all OK.

We visited quickly on Sat but went back up on Sun for a few hours and the nurse that was there was awesome and she allowed SIL to hold her and even took her tubes off so I could take a few pics of her with them off.

I was in tears just to see her out of the crib was unreal but to see her without the tubes up her nose was totally overwhelming!

After spending some time with her on Sun we then gave SIL & BIL some time off and spent the arvo entertaining Zeke…I had the best time…we went to the park and played for ages and DH took this stunning pic of him.

Thanks also to everyone for your support regarding my departure from the E Idol Comp…I think I said in my last post it was probably for the best anywayย  cause I did notย  think I would have had time to do a LO this week..well my thoughts were confirmed there is no scrapping happening here atm, I’ve been super busy since getting back from Brisbane on Mon so it is good not to have the pressure of completing a LO. I loved the challenge this week….create a LO using your own handmade embellishments….I’m gonna give it a go when I get a chance…I already have and idea!