A few LO’s to share that I did while on holidays 3 weeks ago…just have not had time to take photos of them til today….


This was my week one Embellished Idol challenge.

We took some funny photos of Charlie with DH’s cancelled credit card before we chopped it up.

On a sadder note…Charlie is no longer with us…he got really viscious and was attacking us every chance he got and just would not stop squaking so I called a wild life carer and they came yesterday and took him to live with them…they have 2 others so I know he’ll be much happier and he’s better off but it does not make the process any easier as he was part of the family.

This photo was taken of Marnie Sanford and myself  at the Embellished Retreat in March….

Anyway I’m off to do some ironing….happy Sunday!!!

Have a great week 🙂