My niece  Andraia Marni (Andi) was born at 11:11 last night. Mum and baby are both doing well


My SIL was only 26 wks along….so Andi has come into the world weighing only 910g. Her dad says she is tiny and her hand is as big as his tumb. ATM she is breating through a tube but the doctors say she is responding well to this and the should be able to take it out soon, other than that they don’t know to much else.

I’m pretty emotional atm(hence the reason I’m up at 4:30am)…we are so far away, I just wish we could be there with her, but I’m unsure if we could even see little Andi.

I know this baby is a fighter as it’s been a roller coaster ride of a pregancy…she has fought to be in the world from the beginning….I just hope now that she is in the world she will continue to put up a fight and pull through.