Ok so I’m back from visiting Karen…it was totally awesome, I’m very tired but still on a high cause I had such a great time.

Since moving to Mackay I’ve found it hard to make friends….It is unbelivebly hard as an adult to make new friends. At times I have been totally down and craving those really great friendships I have in Brisbane but being so far away the only contact I get to have on a regular basis is either via the net or on the phone…it’s great but not the same as face to face….the point I’m trying to make is that even though she lives 2 hrs away I am totally lucky to have Karen in my life.

We talked, we scrapped, we played with her kids, we watched a Wiggles DVD, we took photos (more her than me), we browsed the internet and just generally hung out….It was a blast! I just wish we could do it more often.

Here are some lo’s I completed while there and some photos we took of each other {Karen is a truly talented portrait photographer…I adore the photos she took of me…Thanks Darl! 🙂 }.