and it feels great!!!! 🙂

You know sometimes how you get bogged down in the everyday normalicies of life and you can’t find time to create and then when you have the time it’s a little scary cause maybe just maybe you’ve forgotten how to….well I have been feeling just like that and am happy to say that I have jumped back on the horse and I have not forgotten how.


The Only One For Me

Things I’m loving atm:

  • Paint and experimenting with it -I’m late to the party I know but my favourite technique with it at the moment is painting it on then wiping it off with baby wipes.
  • DQ’s QTea Kits….They are just awesome and I have to add something from each one to each of my LO’s
  • Poppy Ink….not a new love but still totally head over heals with these kits.
  • Interactive LO’s – loving the idea of putting little books on my page for more photos and journaling.
  • Deep Purple – who would have thought I hate purple normally but loving the deepness of dark purple at the moment.