Some art to share…..and it’s not overcast so I could take pics of them too! 🙂


I actually printed these photos for a mini book but decided to use something else for it so I had a heap of little photos left of my pups and thought I would put them all together on a LO….they were some of the first ones I had taken with my new camera.

Note To Self (OLW – Think)

I was looking for a bit of inspiration a few weeks ago and went to the OLW blog and the prompt for May was think so I decided to scrap this LO….I’m such a stresser and negative thinker at times this is just a little reminder to be positive and stop stressing.

This Little House

This LO is my absolute fave at the moment. A few weeks ago again I was trawling for some inspiration and came across this at the SIS project of the week and was totally inspired. So inspired in fact I’m currently working another LO that has a mini book on it.

What else is happening….

  • I’ve been a bit under the weather lately and not sure what’s going on but I do hope it’s sorted soon cause I’m totally over it 😦
  • Doing some more house painting this weekend
  • DH is home next week on holidays for a week…it’s going to be so nice to have him home at night for a whole week 🙂
  • Counting down to holidays…2 weeks to go…we are going to Brisbane in the second week which will be great.