We had a visit from two very special people.

Meet Bruiser aka Zeke

He got the bruise after running into a bar stool at his mummy’s birthday dinner.

Both Zeke and Stace came up for a visit last weekend….it was so great to see them both, he is such a big little boy now and she is beautiful in all her pregnant glory! We just had a really lazy weekend, watched some tv and relaxed….it was wonderful.

I have some new Lo’s to share but the weather has been miserable when I have been able to take photos of them and when I can’t it’s been sunny so I can’t share anything scrappy today.

I am going through total scrap withdrawal atm, it’s reporting time (yucko) and I am totally immersed and consumed by it, I can see a light though so feeling pretty good about that.

Thanks again to everyone who left comments about Chop and his imminent return. I feel so silly now that I was sooooooo sad but he’s been with us for 7 years and is so a part of the family.

Anyway hopefully I’ll be back soon with some Lo’s to share.

Off to do some more work on my reports.