Check these our and see if you can guess what I got my hands on today…..

Ok so this ones not that special but I love these plants.

But these are a little bit of spectacular if I do say so myself….(no I don’t have tickets on myself LOL) To be fair I did edit these a smidge but wow I’m so thrilled with the results!

This one is my fav!!! can’t wait to scrap it!

So did you guess……… I got a new camera!!!!!!

Finally got my hot little hands on a digital SLR…bought a Canon 400D and am so totally over the moon with it….can’t wait till the sun comes up again so I can play some more.

Promise some house photos tomorrow.

*Edited* I saved the photos for a web device but they seem to have become spotty….not sure why but not going to re edit them now but I wont be saving them using that option again.