They are both home safe and sound now!

She was found in a mans yard early yesterday morning and he called the pound to come get her. She was so tired she had basically taken up residence and was not leaving. The pound called us and we picked her up at 4pm.

Chopper on the other hand was no where to be found and our neighbours went out looking for him and dropping off LOST pamphlets for us and while they were driving the called out his name and just as they were turning to come home they called him and he came running out of the mangroves…the little bugger had been having the time of his life playing in them for over 1 and a half days.

They have both had lots of love and a bath. We have decided they are not going out side unsupervised until we move in 4 weeks. They are going to live in the garage at night and while we are at work.

DH has also finally made it to Brisbane.

All is well and I am very very 🙂