I have heaps of news to share with you….some happy, some is a little sad.

I’m going to do the sandwich thing – happy, sad, sad, happy


I have been invited to be part of the new look Scrapapple Team. The team consists of the original Scrapapple girls Jill G-G, Rachael Minett, Jen Hall and Sarah van Wijck and the new girls Lynette van Barrelo, Lusi Austin , Louise Nelson and moi.

It’s such a rockin hot team and it’s going to be an amazing couple of months let me tell you!

Sad #1

I have decided to hand my CIS Sketch badge in. This is going to be an insane year for me and I have a lot I want to accomplish and doing a LO a week is a bit much to ask of myself at the moment and one of my goals is to stress less and trying to do this would not help.

Sad #2

I have also decided to leave my position at Aussie Dares, again my reasoning behind this is a I want to free myself up for some other stuff I want to work on this year. It’s been an amazing experience working on this team and the girls are so freakin talented it’s not funny and I thank them for their constant inspiration. I also want to thank Michelle Grant for the amazing work she did with the blog and sadly she has also decided to move on for as a friend said the other day Michelle you were the glue that held us all together…..don’t be alarmed though girls some more glue is on it’s way and Aussie Dares should be launching again soon.

Happy #2

I also secured a guest position on Q Tea kits for November – if you have not checked out these kits you have to, they are very affordable and if you like different bits and bobs like I do then it’s a must! I got my first one today and am totally in love and can’t wait to play!

Other Stuff

Had an amazing trip out to Kaz! We had an awesome time, mostly just hanging out and playing with the kids. We did spend some time doing a few photo shoots just trying to take some decent photos of each other….we felt like total goofs but it was fun and we got some really good shots. I also got to meet Tatum as well and she was just as lovely in person as I thought she would be.

Some stunning photos of Kaz!!!

And moi!

As you can see we had heaps of fun changing clothes and just being silly….We were a bit inspired by Elsie’s photos of her and her friends which you can see here.

The only down side to my trip out to Kaz’s is that I got stuck coming home because of all the rain. A few of the creeks overflowed and I and another 10000 people could not get through. I was meant to be home yesterday but spend another night with Kaz and family last night and then sat in line for 8hrs today to cross a creek to get home…..but I did it! I’m so sun burnt from just waiting and my little Mazda 3 made it and I was really proud of myself for not panicking when I was going through the water….I did panic and have a few tears yesterday though when I had the irrational thought that i was never going to get home again.

Here is this weeks sketch LO

A cute LO using lots of Love Elsie Christmas line. The photo came about when we took the dogs to meet Santa Paws this year for a RSPCA fund raiser.

If you got this far thanks for bearing with me!

Have a great week!