I can’t believe it’s 2008!!!!

This is going to be a great year for us I can just feel it!

Hope everyone had a fab Christmas and excellent New Year celebrations…..I know I did 😉

I have been scrapping heaps lately, so enjoying it being the only thing I really need to do but I can’t share anything in full with you yet as it’s all for other places.

But here are some sneaky peeks for you.



I have also found a new home away from home at Embellished

The girls there are amazing and best of all there real life shop is in Rocky….only a 4hr drive from me!!!! I know it sounds like a long way but when you don’t really have great shops in your town then finding one that’s not in Brisbane is a gem.  They are having a retreat in April and I am going, paid my first lot of money yesterday and I’m so excited about this!!!!

Also through embellished I found this amazing girl her work blows my socks off, it’s so bright and colourful. Also the other Marni with an e is on their DT as well.

You may have noticed that I changed the name of my blog and have a new header. I am going to try and change the header once a month this year, have a good base to start with as I’m going to keep the note to self theme going.

I also got myself one of these for xmas – my brother gave us some vouchers for WOW and we decided to buy one of them to play with.

Thank you to everyone who wished me well after my last post, I’m much better nowHaving a great holiday, Wyatt had a few days off this week so we spent the day in Arlie Beach yesterday and  are hoping to head up to Townsville for the weekend.