Feeling a little like I’m hit and miss lately with my pages and projects.  I know we all go through it from time to time but I feel like I’ve lost it again. Maybe it’s just the silly season, I hope it passes soon.

I’m finally on Christmas holidays!!! but now I’m sick 😦 it’s always the way you fight your way to health through the term then as soon as you stop you get sick. Just a little head cold, I hope it passes before Christmas day.

DH got a stinky roster for Christmas….he’s working both christmas morning and new year’s eve afternoon. It sucks so bad and the worst part is he’s the only one that got a stinky roster everyone else is off for at least one of the days. We are just having to make the best of a bad situation.

I got my Paper Pesto Kit for December a few weeks ago and here are the projects I created for them. (I am happy with all of these)

Don’t think I’ll blog again before Christmas so MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone, thank you for an amazing year and hope to see you around in the new year!