I’m a total blogging slako but life is crazy right now.  I’m going to do this one is point for to try and catch up.

  • Just had the most crazy weekend – flew to Brisbane Friday night stayed with my SIL had 10 year school reunion on Saturday night it was a blast – Sunday we pulled the fence down on our rental property in Brisbane cause we are selling it and it opens the front up a bit then back on a plane at 3:30 this arvo……Phew am I tried now!
  • Changed my roles at CIS – I’m now part of the DT for the sketch blog – there were lots of reasons for the change but mostly I just thought it would be a really cool challenge. Would love to see some people takes on the sketches we do head on over here and have a peek!

My sketch LO for the dt call – used the yummy MM Noteworthy

My first official LO for the Sketch blog

  • It’s report card time at the moment – I’m almost finished should knock it all over this week.
  • It was my birthday last Tuesday – 27 now!!!
  • I got my transfer to Mackay! So totally over the moon about this
  • Get to fly back to Brisbane on Tuesday to meet Bryce Courtneay the author! He is my favourite all time writer so I’m really excited about this.
  • We are also currently house hunting here in Mackay and our house we are renting is up for sale.

Life is a little crazy at the moment as you can tell but it’s all good stuff so I’m not complaining.

I also rang Jill today and spoke to her hubby Tim. He said she is doing well up and walking!

Best fly as I have dinner to cook then I’m going to bed!