Well we made it back, got in on Friday about lunch time, we had a really great trip, it was relaxing and it was great to catch up with everyone that we saw.

We came home with a bit of an unexpected addition to our family though…….

Meet Charlie

Our rescued Galah! He was handed in at the vet surgery where my SIL works and he has a bit of a potty mouth so they can’t rehome him to the general public but she asked us if we wanted him cause Wyatt used to have a galah when he was younger but it got eaten by a snake. Needless to say after a few quick words we jumped at the chance to add him to our family.

While away I got to go to the Paper Crafts Festival and bumped into a few old friends and also got the opportunity to meet up with Jolene the owner of CIS and few other CIS girlies….it’s so great to meet your online friends in real life, it’s nice to be able to put a face to their online persona. Needless to say I also spent quite a bit of money at the fair but I did have a great time.

I also got to do two Lo’s while I was away.

This one I started at my SIL house but finished at Jill’s and I got the paper pieced owl from a Scrapbook ETC mag.

This one I started and completed at Jill’s, She kindly gave me some Prima waterclour paper that she got sent from USA. So the paper was all white and I got to play with the colours and create my own look. I can’t say that I’m thrilled with the results as it’s just a bit to pretty for me but it was fun to play and try something new.

Oh and this one I did before I went away, it was for the CIS Oct Birthday Cybercrop

I had to base the LO on a sketch by Jolene then I also had to use a birthday card as inspiration.

Not much else to report, we both go back to work tomorrow, I think it’s going to take some time to settle back into it all again.

Hope you have a great week.