This has not been the greatest week for me, I went back to work on Tuesday but still felt pretty ill so I made a doctors appointment for that afternoon, went to the doctors, I had a bowel infection YUCK! So she put me on antibiotics, and said I could not go back to work until Monday….so for the past 3 days I’ve been at home not really doing much of anything. The antibiotics are working and I am feeling much better now, my body is healing and I cross my fingers that there won’t be anymore sickness for me this year.

On a more positive note being home has allowed me to finish a few projects that have been looming for a while.

I got my first Paper Pesto Kit a little over a week ago, I got the Taste of Pesto kit, it’s a mini kit the girls put together and it was superb! It has a fathers day theme so everything I did was for my dad.

Gift Box

Layout – The photo flips over and there is journaling underneath.


As part of the CIS Online Retreat last month the DT held a comp for the forum members, they had to upload their favorite photo and we got to pick which one we would like to scrap. I chose to scrap the cutest photo that was uploaded by Manon of her daughter Ruby.

I used my Poppy Ink kit from July for this and am so happy with the results, I am finding that I am starting to scrap a little  simpler, and I like the results.

My DH and I also went on a throw pillow hunt this week, we were appalled by how much they charge for a throw pillow and we wanted quite a few so it was going to cost us upwards of at least $150 to get as many as I wanted. The solution was to make our own….we got some fabric from Spotlight and went on a pillow making frenzy. We spent $90 on all materials and now have 9 pillows.

I think they are pretty cool and nicer than any we were going to buy.

Have a great weekend everyone and stay well!