Well as mentioned in my last post it was the monthly cybercrop as CIS over the weekend. It was heaps of fun and the challenges set by Jolene (boss lady) were in my opinion the best cybercrop challenges ever.

Challenge #1

We had to use a large photo, 4 pieces of pp and some chipboard. When I first saw the challenges I thought this one was the best but it turned out to be the hardest one to do.

Challenge #2

We had to use 4 thumbnail sized photos, use paint in an artistic way and create a minimalist LO. This one I thought was going to be a “toughy” but I loved doing it and love the way it turned out.

Challenge #3

This one was a sketch challenge and we had to create our own large hand made embellishment. I love felt so I just had to use it to create a huge flower.

Also on the weekend I attended a corporate dragon boat racing day. I went as part of the Curves team. We were the only full female corporate team there. We won our first race then lost all our others including our final. But it was heaps of fun. Here are some photos from the day.

On a not so bright side I’m sick again. I have caught a gastro bug going around school at the moment. I’ve had it since Friday. Felt pretty weak and tired yesterday and have taken the day off work today cause I really don’t want to share this one with the kids. This is such a horrible time for sickness at the moment and I know heaps of you are sick or have children who are sick and I hope you all feel better soon.