I am getting really frustrated as I just am finding no time to scrapbook during the week at all at the moment. I mean I love working full time but I can’t balance it out at the moment and it’s starting to get to me. I have however found some time this weekend to scrap and finish a few projects that I have wanted to get started all week.

This is one of them….

This was a workshop at the CIS online retreat that has just finished. It is a photo frame lantern. The three photo frames fold up into a triangle shape and you light a candle and the light shines through. The photos are printed on vellum so and there is no back on the frame so the light shines through.

I’m working on a few different things at the moment but nothing more I can share with you cause it’s all for up-coming projects.

I also wanted to say a big congrats to my very very very mega talented friend Jill. Her Lo’s graced the covers of two mags last month and she has been chosen as the artist to scrapjack this month. I am so proud of you Jill and so glad that we are friends.

I’ve been tagged by Sarah Van Wijck and Michelle Grant as a rockin blogger. Thanks girls


Ok so I’m not meant to tag a few more people so here it goes

Karen (Ka) Day

Tatum Woodroffe

Lusi Austin 

Michelle Perry 

Ok there you have it, 4 blogs I visit regularly and I think they rock.

If your around this Friday/weekend  head onover to CIS we are having a cyber crop and let me tell you the challenges rock! Hope to see you there.

Have a great week whatever your up to!