I really should be having a rest as I have not been well this week and am feeling a little tired and am heading on into the food and wine festival later on but I just could not resist posting a few things.

1. Aussie Dares

The new dare is up for this fortnight. You have to create a LO or OTP based on Spirituality and the prize this fortnight is sponsored by Helmar Australia.

As it’s my groups turn here is my LO.

This was quite a confronting LO for me as Spirituality is a very personal thing to me. The story behind this LO is basically that I do believe that there is a higher power but I just don’t know what that higher power is.

The journaling reads:

I believe…

it’s in the rain that falls

it’s in the rivers and oceans

it’s in the flowers

it’s in the love we feel for each other

it’s in a puppy’s wet nose

it’s in the sunrise and sunsets

it’s in the butterflies

it’s in the colours of the rainbow

it’s in the birds

it’s in the miracle of life

it’s in the day and night sky

it’s all round us in the everyday details of our lives that we often overlook, what I don’t know is what the IT is.

2. Crafting In Style On-Line Retreat

It started last night and I am having so much fun. The girls are such a laugh and the class Jolene (boss lady) taught last night was un-real.

Here is my take on her class.

3. Inspirational Sketches

Those of you who know me well know I’m not a sketch girl at all but since joining in at CIS I am amazed at the sketches that Jolene puts up on her sketch blog. If your after a quick Lo idea be sure to check it out….I love them!

Ok off to have a nanna nap now!