Gosh I love holidays I seem to get so much more scrapping done.

This Lo is of my SIL Stacey, she’s such a beautiful girl and very stylish so I wanted to create a girly Lo with out it being overly girly IYKWIM.


This one I did with the left-overs from my Poppy Ink kit for June. I’m just loving these kit’s. They cost about $60 inc postage and I do at least 3 LO’s so really I think it’s good value and when I’m finished with the pack I always have stuff left over.


And lastly I was hanging for some human contact last week as I had not got out much so I decided to join in an online class at Crafting in Style a new forum I’ve discovered which I’m in love with. Now I’m not really a class lover at the best of times. I feel so much pressure to do exactly the same as the class LO and I really am not a fan of that as I like to be creative. But this class was amazing. It was run by Karen Day and was called Another Reason. I looked at the original LO and then went away and used it as inspiration for this one.


I’ve also completed a LO for Memory Bugs but you’ll have to wait to see that one.

Not sure how much more I’ll get done this week as I have some prep work I go back to work on Monday, but I’m sure I’ll fit it in somewhere.