It’s school holidays now and since I finished on Tuesday last week I have had a bit of time to scrap so I thought I would share. I’ve been scrapping a lot with Michelle G lately. It’s so great to have someone to scrap with again who is a passionate about this art as you are.

WARNING: These Lo’s are pretty different from the work I normally  do (Michelle’s fault) and I’m not totally convinced that I love them but it was fun to try some different things.

These first two were completed using stuff from the June Poppy Ink kit from Blue Bazaar. I started this one at Michelle G’s house and she challenged me to leave a bit of space, hence all the yellow up the top and bottom.


The photo for the LO below was a happy accident. I took it at the beach way back in April, and as soon as I saw it I knew I was going to do this LO.


The next two are for my classes this month as Scrap Happy.

This one is my funky flowers class, I recently tried this technique on a DT LO and loved it so I thought I’d do an easier version for my class and although it’s very different from my normal style I have to say I do really like this one.


Swim School (below) I created for part of Michelle’s class this month. She is doing a creative doubles class and asked me to do a LO for it. I had fun doing this LO but it’s really  not my style. I hate doubles and I rarely enjoy scrapping so many photos, but it will serve it’s purpose and has given me another idea for a LO for this class as well.


Hope everyone has a great week and if your in QLD enjoy the beginning of the holidays. I know there’s going to be lot’s more scrapping on the cards for me!