I’m not a good blogger, I have neglected it this week, have just been taking time out from it all and spending time with my beloved.

There’s always time to scrap though. I almost bowed out of the Scrapapple Scrap Room challenge this week as we had to alter an item from our home and put it in our space. I had no idea what so ever to do then it hit me at 3am in the morning when all great ideas hit you….I need a clock.

Sooooooooo here it is

And some detail….



Although I only worked 2 days this week it has been an eventful one.

Wednesday was great, I marched in my first ANZAC day parade. I had never even been to one it was amazing. All the schools up here march in it, it was such a fantastic feeling it made me feel like I was saying thank you to all those people who fought and continue to fight to protect our way of life.

I won some tickets to a concert on Thursday night.  It was to Xavier Rudd  It was a really amazing concert. If you have not heard of him I suggest you check him out. His music is really down to earth and makes you just wanna dance.

Saturday I taught at a mega workshop at Scrap Happy. It was so cool to have the opportunity to teach in such a different forum. I’m so used to just being really relaxed this was a little different but it was such a good experience. Everyone was so happy with the LO so that was great. The best thing about the whole day was that the classes were all so different. Kim Smyth, Michelle Grant and I taught and our styles are totally different so they all learnt different things from each of us.

I have also decided to enter the SC colour comp, I had two lo’s done and ready to go and could not decide which one to send in so Michelle G convinced me to do another one in a different colour scheme and see what I thought then. It was a great help as now I know which one I’m sending in and I can share one of the rejects with you (if it looks familiar I did have it up on my blog but took it down cause i thought I might send it)

Oh and the count down is on only 3 weeks till we head to Brissy!!!!