Although I have a few things to do over these hols I am just enjoying the break. Was a bit weary towards the end of term so I can say this is just what I needed.

My parents and Nanna are coming up on the weekend. I am so excited. I have not seen them in over 6mths. I really miss being close to them. I have been busily preparing the house for their arrival, cleaning windows, dusting etc, my mums a bit of clean freak. We don’t live untidily by any means but that being said there are more important things to be done like………..scrapbooking 🙂

Here a Lo I have completed over the last few days for no particular reason except I wanted to scrap.

Note to Self @ 26

This one was also a lot of fun. I recently got my hands on some new Urban Lilly stuff so I had a play with that. Not sure if I’m totally happy with this, think there may be to much text around but it’s done.

Ok enjoy the rest of your holidays if your off if not hope your Easter was great and you have a great rest of the week at work….I better get back to my housekeeping 😦