Ok so I was feeling a little mental at the time of my last post but I did mean what I said I am done comparing myself and bashing myself because I don’t think I’m as good as someone else. You’ll be happy to know that I do have IT, cause I am IT  and I’m happy dancing to the beat of my own drum.

So it’s been a while since I have done a Dare and since they are now world wide I decided to join in again. Stupid me had to pick the hardest time to join in again as this dare was Inspired By Asia. I was going to do a traditional page and bought fabric and everything for it but then I saw this placemat and it all kind of rolled together from there.

I do apologise to those of you who can read Chinese, as the character for love is around the wrong way, funny story…I pierced all the holes to sew then sewed it back to front and only discovered this when I was 4 stitches from the end and let me tell you I was not doing it again.

Decided today was going to be a movie day for me, just finished watching Little Miss Sunshine, a bit strange but such a great message…..Don’t Care What Anyone Else Thinks Just Do What You Love (words to live by me thinks)