Well I have been thinking about this a lot lately and have come to a startling conclusion. I don’t have IT. Some people do and some people don’t and I’m in the don’t category. I know it sounds harsh but it’s time I got real with myself. I don’t have what it takes to make it big in the scrapping world. There are many reasons behind this but I’m at peace with it now. I’m happy just scrapping, and I do love what I do and what does it matter that I’m not as good as others as long as I’m creating I’m happy.

Please don’t feel like you have to build my ego up as it’s the last thing I want. It’s ok and I’m cool. I’m not gonna stop creating and sharing but I’m going to stop agonising over not being as good as other people.  I AM ME AND THAT’S OK.

So now that’s off my chest  it’s time to share some art.  I have fallen in love with colour again, think I’m being highly influenced by the Poppy Ink kits each month as the rest of my LO’s for that month take on a similar theme.

Week 6 -Nightime – What would be your perfect day?

And here is one just for the sake of it, Photo was taken on our anniversary weekend away. We went out to Gray’s Reef with Fantasea. It was amazing but we had to wear these stinger suits which just made us look soooooooooooo sexy. (LOL)