Hi all, yes I’m still alive and kicking, I have just been so busy with starting work again and other stuff (mainly scrapbooking) that I have not had a moment to even think about blogging.  I have a little bit of time before I have to head off to work so I’ll make it short and sweet.

Rain: OMG it poured up here so much so that it flooded parts of Mackay, we were lucky as we live on a hill and our house is elevated but wow did it rain. Apparently we are to expect more of the same later on this week.

Health: Joined a gym – Curves – and loving it.  The atmosphere is great and I like that its all girls so hopefully I can wave good bye to my last 8kg.

Scrapbooking: Have been working madly on Scrapapples 8 week challenge. Boy are some of them a challenge. The first one was a page about me  – no problem there but it had to be a double OMG I had not done a double in 31/2 years. But a challenge is a challenge right and there is nothing like being pushed to scrap outside your limits to get your creativty going again. So loving these challenges and hope that nothing gets in the way of me competing in all 8 weeks.  Here are the first two weeks.

This week is really tough though as we have to scrap a red object from our home. Ok so not a big red lover here but I have this amazing red dress that I want to take a photo of. Not so easy to take a photo of a dress and make it look good when no one is wearing it! But hey it’s a challenge and I will rise to the occasion LOL