(I know it’s late but WordPress is not playing nicely again GRRRRRRRRRRR!)

Wyatt and I have been married for 3 years yesterday and the 1st of Jan was our 7 years together anniversary and we always try to do something special so this year we spent Saturday at Airlie Beach and on Sunday we went to the Great Barrier Reef.

Saturday was just a quiet day, we did the Airlie markets and walked around a bit then we checked into our hotel went for a swim at the Lagoon (an amazing pool they have built as you can’t really swim in summer because of the stingers and the beach at Airlie stinks any way)  and slept the rest of the day away.  We had an early night as we had to be out at the boat by 7:30am.

We went out to Gray’s Reef which took about 3hrs from the main land. The company we went with Fantasea have built a big pontoon out there and you just spend the day snorkelling as you like. They also have a semi-submersible and an observation room below the sea. Wyatt and I spent most of the day in the water. We took a guided snorkelling tour which showed us some pretty cool stuff we would not have seen or learnt about on our own. Then we just did our own thing for the rest of the day. The fish were amazing. We saw heaps of Parrot Fish and a little family of Clown fish.  I even got kissed by a fish and it was all willing on the fishes part. It swam up to us and started nibbling on my mask and my snorkel mouth piece, it got my lips a few times hence the kissing reference. It was so cool and he really would not leave us alone. We really had the best day. An anniversary to remember. Here are a few photos from our trip.

You know I really do feel lucky to live up here now…we are just so close to all of this.

We went out for dinner last night to this little Singaporean restaurant called Kevins Place which has the best food ever. It was so yummy and I was soooo full by the end of our meal.

Oh and we got the new car….FINALLY. It is just amazing to drive, so different from the big RAV4, not really confident yet but I’m getting there…think it may have something to do with it being brand spanking new. Here’s a photo of the lovely lady LOL!

Not much else going on but I did get another acceptance…..and wait for it folks…..it’s from FK….I’ve only been trying to get published by them for 4 years finally the have seen the light and realised how talented I am LOL! Oh and I got my next Poppy Ink Kit….it’s simply divine and soooooo yummy. If your thinking of subscribing don’t think about it any longer they are just amazing kits! and that’s coming from someone who is not really a kit person. Yes the stuff coordinates but not as much as other kits I have seen, they still allow you to be creative and use stuff as you want IYKWIM.

Anyway I hope everyone is having a great week and enjoy the coming weekend,  will catch you up again really soon.