Hi all, I hope everybody is well and enjoying the New Year as much as I am. I am feeling a bit tired as I have been working two jobs of late. I have been working my ‘summer’ job at the PCYC as well as covering at the scrapbook shop while the girls take a little break. It’s not all bad though as I have been able to get a few LO’s and a project done while working at the shop so I can’t complain really.

These first two LO’s were the last to I did for SAM as a DT member.

This first was about journalling and I was basically trying to show that you do not always need to journal a story you can incoroprate your journalling into your title IYKWIM.

This second one was just a general LO that I did for them. I have for the past couple of years wanted to do a year in review and finally this year I got around to it. Structure of LO was inspired by Ali Edwards.

Ok now to a couple I’ve done over the past week just for me!!!!!!! God it’s so refreshing to feel freely creative again.

Sorry about the crappy photo but I could not be bothered taking it again. These stunning photos of my nephew screaming were taken by my bestest buddy Jill. Bubby had air and I could not get him to burp LOL…so we turned it into a photo op. Again some elements from Poppy Ink kit (dont ya just love the crown!) and other bits from my stash. Oh and how cool is the word baby on this page and the word family on the page above, they are a new product at least in Mackay and I love them!!!!!!!!!! and can’t get enough of them as you can probably tell.

I have had these photos sitting around waiting to be scrapped for so long. They were taken at the birth of Zeke my baby nephew, yes I was there and it was an amazing experience! This one was kind of a throw together, papers for this page came out of my DEC Poppy Ink kit (I love these kits) the rest of the stuff just came out of my stash…loving using up some of my stuff. For something a little different I placed the photos on a 7 Gypsies printed transparency.

Ok now onto my pride and joy at the moment. I made a calendar for a class as SH before christmas and gave it as a gift to my SIL but I had to make one for Wyatt and I so here it is our 2007 calendar made for us by me. As the months go by I can untie the ribbon connecting them to the top LO and just slip them off. If anyone wants the template of the months so they can make one for themselves just e-mail me at marnitelford@gmail.com and I will e-mail them over to you so you can make your very own calendar.


Ok so I think that’s enough for now don’t you but I just wanted to share a few bits and pieces with you that I have created of late. Ohand I’ll leave you with a few random dot points on nothing in particular.

  • I am still waiting for my Mazda 3…paper work!!!
  • Loving embossing and opals at the moment
  • In love with Green LOL and I really hate green
  • Just noticed that the last three LO’s are very similar in colour but hey when your onto a good thing go with it I say.
  • Miss you Jill!