Can you believe it, another year gone and a new one to live. God last year just flew by for me, but it was an unbelieveable year. Our whole world has changed so much, but you know I would not have it any other way. I just love where were at, at the moment, life is good!!

Christmas was great Stace (sil), Josh (bil) and bub (Zeke) came up to spend it with us so it was pretty special as it was bubbas first Christmas, not that he really understood as he’s only 6mths old but we had a great time spoiling him and he was really good at opening the presents although when open he wanted the paper more than what was inside. Wyatt had to work Christmas night but after all that was over we were able to enjoy our time with our family. We shopped, went to the beach, S & J went to the movies while we baby sat, went to Arlie, went out to Pinnacle for a Pinnacle Pie (best pies around). All in all we were pretty busy but had a great time.  They left on Saturday.

Wyatt had to work NYE so I spent it at the Mackay Harbor with a new friend and her family. It was really cool, we had dinner, talked for a while then the resturant shut at 11pm can you believe it 1hr til new years and they decided to shut cause there was not enough people around cause it was raining. But it did not ruin my night, we went down the path to another party and it was the best thing that could have happend as the place was packed and the band was awesome so I danced the night away after that. I had so much fun!!!!

Have not been doing much scrapping, accutally got nothing done for over a week but it was a nice break. I’m working on a calendar for us at the moment so I’ll share when that’s done.

Other than that I have not much else to share. I do hope everyone had a fab Christmas and I wish you all the best for the  year ahead.