OMG WordPress is just not being nice lately, taking so long and I just get so frustrated but finally another post might do this one in point form as I have a lot to share.

  • We have decided on the Mazda 3 and are currently going through the whole process of getting it, will have it soon after Christmas…sooooooooo excited.
  • Wyatt bought me a Kyak for Xmas…got it early as it was to big to hide…went out in it today for the first time…so much fun but boy am I tired now.
  • Have some news to share but can’t do so yet so you’ll just have to wait. {Sorry :)}
  • Am so in love with the Poppy Ink kits from BB got my second one today and they are so worth the money.
  • Last day of teaching tomorrow for me then I start at the PCYC for a few weeks working vacation care.
  • Still no news about a teaching job for next year and now I wont know anything until next year…God I hate waiting.
  • A huge congrats to my very talented and gorgeous gal pal Jill on getting a runners up prize for the Rescue Me comp in SC…your Lo rocked…also a big congrats to her on her first step by step.

Ok so not much else to report on except I’m really excited about seeing Stacey, Josh and Baby Zeke for Christmas only 10 more days till they arrive….YAY!

Here are some EDM’s I have recently completed for Aussie…Some are for the Seasons topic and others are for the current topic of My Life.