I’m not sure if anyone has noticed lately but I think my scrapping mojo has gone walkabout. I have been not wanting to scrap as of late and when I do I “hate” what I’ve done. I went to a crop last night hoping that the mojo might return and I was talking to a friend and she said something to me that I think is the reason the mojo has gone.


She has helped me come to the following conclusions.

·         I put to much pressure on myself to scrap everyday. I should just do it when I feel like it.

·        If I create a LO that’s different in style to my “style” that’s ok. (you see I did a LO for a class last night and it ended up with a lot of white space and I was panicking that no one would like it because it’s not my normal style but I really loved it.)

·        I need to  stop stressing so much about scrapping and enjoy it for what it is, a legacy for future generations.

·        I need to realise that it’s ok if someone does not like my work and I don’t need peer acceptance to feel good about what I do…now this is a hard one as it is human nature to want to feel acceptance from your peers.


Not to sure what I’m going do about all this yet but one thing is for sure I am not going to give it up as it’s the one out let for me but I do think I need to take a few steps back and get into the right frame of mind again, so if I’m not around for a while I’m sorry but I just feel so much pressure to perform and I need to get over that because this is making it not fun anymore and I love this craft so much I don’t want to walk away from it but at the moment I am feeling like I am more than ready to do so.