Ok so here a few more LO’s I have to share with you. The first one was done for me as part of a LO swap through Scrap Happy and was completed by the wonderful and talented Suzannah.

This one was for the SAM/Elsie Challenge. The challenge was to complete a LO leaving some white space. Those of you who know me well know that I like to fill up a page so this was a difficult challenge but I love the end result!

In other news I have had a few bad days of late. Wyatt has been on shifts so not seeing much of him so this makes me miss “home” friends and family soooooo much it hurts. Things are looking up now as he’s on days so we get to see each other a little more. After living with someone else for a while I just have to get used to being on my own again when he is at work.

On the work front still no good news. I contested their decision but it comes down to there are just now vacencys up here for next year at the moment. They are trying hard but I’m not holding my breath for a transfer but things look good for a contract of some sort. I have also drummed up some work for the Christmas hols at the PCYC so that’s something and should get us through. I have had a few good days of relief so am enjoying myself a little more and am finding it easier and easier each new class I get.

Other than that not much is happeing I am still having fun playing house and enjoying being so close to the beach. When I wake up early enough the pups and I have been heading to the beach for a walk. It’s only about 20mins which is just a dream come true for me. I also did some gardening on the weekend, planted some plants in pots which makes the place feel more like home…but I got a bit sunburnt.