Ok well it’s been a while since I posted but have been a bit busy dealing with other stuff. After my complete and utter melt down last Wednesday I am feeling much better. I had my heart so set on a transfer knowing that it would make everything ok and when it did not come through I just lost it. I have some perspective now though and boy is it a wonderful thing.

I worked last Thursday in a pre-school attached to a school I frequent quite regularly. The principal called to see if I got a transfer. After hearing that I didn’t he rang district office to see what the deal was. After speaking to them he came down and had a chat with me about it all and set my mind at ease. He basically explained that right now what was happening was a political thing and not any reflection on me. He assured me that the district office new my circumstances and that they were still working on it and I may not know until the end of the year and I may not know until next year but their fairly sure something will come up. So for now I just have to live with it I guess.

Also wanted to let everyone know I’ll be off line for a few days from Friday. We are moving house…yes we finally get to be alone again. So will not be around for a little while. Unitl I’m around again everyone take care and I’ll be back really soon.