Ok well I’ve dealt with my feelings over this now but I have not had a chance to blog about it and I wanted to share.

Tuesday afternoon I got home from working as Scrap Happy and Wyatt asked if I wanted to take the puppies down to the beach. I really wanted to go down so we did. We took the camera as I have been complaining that I don’t have any good photos to scrap and we went to a different beach, one we had never been to before. I was sitting down taking photos of the dogs and Wyatt playing then I got up and brushed my hand off on my shorts and before I knew it both my wedder and engagment ring had slipped off my finger. I felt them go or at least I felt my wedder go and I watched where it landed and picked it up but the engagement ring is nowhere to be found. Yes you read correctly my engagment ring is LOST. I was so upset and cried for what now feels like forever. We searched the beach for half and hour but had to stop because it was getting dark.  I’m going to go back today to have another look. I have to look on the bright side of things to get myself through this so the bright side is it was insured so I have already started an insurance claim and no-body is dead….this may sound a little funny but really in the scheme of things it is just a ring, no-body has lost their lives and I’m grateful for that, worse things could have happend.

This LO I finished the other day. Am really happy with it. Photo was taken by my BIL a couple of days after Zeke was born. I tried something different with this one – I drew around the outline of the photo in black pen…not sure if I really like it but it suits the LO’s grungy feel.