Well we got the house that we wanted. It is only a few minutes up the road from where we are now. Closer to the beach so I can walk there instead of driving. So excited as this house is very us. It is a three bed room house with 2 bathrooms. It is a little small and were not sure where we are going to fit all our stuff but we love it. Here is a pic of the outside.

No aircon, so we will have to buy some small ones for the windows as it’s getting warm up here already but YAY we have a house that we can afford and we love it.  If your wondering why I’m are so happy rentals are really expensive and hard to get up here but we seem to have no problem so I guess we are just really lucky.

In other news the girls as Scrap Happy have asked me to help them out over the hols and I have of course accepted, I mean I was going to be scrapping anyway so why not do it there. So as of tomorrow I’m working in the shop while they spend some time with thier kids while their on holidays.