I have come to the conclusion I  love Sunday’s in Mackay,  nothing is really open so there is no pressure to go anywhere or do much of anything. This morning Wyatt and I went down to the local Lawn Bowls club and joined in on their Sunday Bare Foot Bowls Session. It was pretty cool and will be something we do again. To pick teams they do a random draw so we were lucky to be on the same rink but we were on opposing teams.  Wyatt’s team won 10 to 6 but we were tied on the last game and then they got 4 so we lost big time. It’s surprising how hard it is to play and could be a bit frustrating if you took it to seriously but we sure didn’t and it was heaps of fun.

The weather up here is just supurb at the moment so I’m thinking I might head down to the beach soon and soak up some sun and read my book. Took the dogs for a walk down there yesterday and they had a great time. Harley got carried away and gave me a little love bite on my hand. She didn’t mean it just over excited.

For those who I have not told yet we are moving in a few weeks. Our lease is up early Nov and we have decided to part company with our house mate so were going out on our own. It will be great to be on our own again but the price of rentals are crazy up here so I just hope we can find one that we can afford and one that is liveable at the  same time. We have put an application in for a house just down the road from where we are now so hopefull we will get that one. It’s closer to the beach than we are now, I could walk it in about 10mins so would love that but the best part is it is farily new and at a good price.

On school hols now so two weeks to myself, and paid too as I have work the first week back. Don’t have many other prospects for next term but something will come up I’m sure. If it’s anything like this term I’ll be busy…lets hope so anyway with the move and all. I should also find out soon if I have a full time position next year…feel pretty good about it but I won’t know until around the 11th October.

Here is a LO that I have just completed. Started it at the Scrap Happy Retreat. It was one of Ngarie’s classes but I have added to it as well. We had to journal 10 random facts about ourselves. Mine were:

  1. Since moving I have moments of despair
  2. I hate exercise!
  3. I don’t have anytime for meanness
  4. I sing very loudly in the car
  5. I really do love my hair
  6. I do think I am beautiful
  7. I would love to scrap full time
  8. I want to live in a house on the beach
  9. I really want to have a baby soon
  10. I have a secret love of geckos