Well the afternoon/night was filled with drama at our house.  I got home from work today to find out that Harley (our female dog)  had caught and killed a snake. Wyatt had found her shaking it and removed it from her mouth but being smart he put it somewhere for safe keeping, just in case.

When I saw her after 4:30 she looked fine I had a quick look at the snake and then left her outside with Chopper (our male dog). It has been raining up here so  we did a load of washing and at about 6pm we went outside to hang it out. Cam our house mate came out with us too. He asked if Harley was alright as the right side of her face was all swolen and droopy. I panicked and had a good look at her then rang the vet. The first one I rang said she would be ok but I was not happy with that so I rang another one and off we went with the dog and the dead snake.

It turns out that she will be fine thank goodness but she caught and was bitten by a Whip Snake. The vet gave her a few shots and said she would be a bit sorry for herself but ok. When we got home Wyatt got on the net to find out about the snake and he found out that they move really fast and are sometimes called the Greyhound snake.They move so fast in fact that they are rarely seen by humans. I can’t believe that my dog who is by no means a little dog or even a sneeky cat caught a fast moving snake and got herself bitten.

And all this after she got de-sexed yesterday.