Well I have not done this for a while so I thought I’d take the time now that I have it and just do a general up-date. Things are going well for us up here at the moment. I am glad I made the trip even if it was a quick one back to Brisbane as now Mackay feels more like home. I was sort of stuck between what was home but when going back to spend some time with Jill the places that used to be home for me just felt bizarre so coming back here was exciting and when we landed at Mackay airport I caught myself thinking oh it’s so good to be home. So all in all I’m feeling more settled.

While in Brissy I got to spend some quality time with Jill and her family which was great. We had heaps of fun scrapping and it was just like old times. The day that I left which was a Wednesday I went with Jill to SAM to see some of the girls. It was great to catch up with them and see all the new product IRL…soooooo yummy! Hope gave me this really cute dog bowl which you can scrap. You can put a photo in the bottom of the bowl and seal it up again….really cute I think. Have not done anything with it yet as I have been pretty busy with other stuff but will get there eventually. I also go to see Stace and baby Zeke which was great. She is such a natural mum and he is just so darn cute. He had his first pair of Addias shoes on and the cutest outfit ever…camo shorts and a cute tee just like the ones his dad wears. I could not believe how much he had changed and can’t wait to see him again at Christmas.

I have had two weeks off working full time as I had no contract lined up for this period which was good at it gave me the time to go down to Brissy. I did work when I got back though and over the last two weeks I have done 5 days which isn’t that bad considering I asked for the few days off at the beginning and I then had last Tuesday off to spend with Wyatt as well. I start full time work again tomorrow for 3 weeks and that will take me through to the holidays.

My teaching at Scrap Happy is going well and everybody seems to be enjoying my classes. Even if they just come to scrap and choose not to do the class they seem to be happy with the help I am giving them so everything is positive there. I will eventually get around to scanning some of my class LO’s in so you can see what we have been up to.

On the scrapping front I’m still tossing up wether I should enter the FK awards. I’m so in two minds about it, part of me is saying just do it you’ve got nothing to loose and the other half is saying why bother as you will not get anywhere anyway. Now I know that this is not the way to be thinking but I just can’t decide what to do. I have finished one LO specifically for the awards and almost finished another so I think I’ll end up sending in but it will be such a last minute decision.

I got all the new product I had ordered from SAM…by golly gosh was instantly inspired to scrap which is great but the funny thing is everything that I have done since has used all my old supplies not my new-ones.